my name… Adhi..iam Indonesian..n this is my first blog.. 😀

I hope it wont be my only blog..he3..

I love to drawing..sketchs.. most of my sketches and drawing are based on anime / manga.. n most of them are human characters.. n sometimes robot / mecha..monsters… but what i love to draw/sketch most is girls…yes you’re right..girls..he3..especially.. megane no onna.. or girl with the glasses.. ^^

Gado gado is my favourite food…bcoze i dont eat meat.. ^^ .. what is Gado gado? u can read it my favourite food..” href=”https://orangitemz.wordpress.com/2010/11/23/gado-gado-indonesian-salads/”>here.. ^^

here is my FB , anyone who like to add me?? he3…

well because English is not my mother languange.. sorry if im not said it or exactly..wrote it right.. ^^

Well.. i hope you like my blog.. n.. perhaps you can have / found somethings.. ^^


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