My Drawing – Yoko (Seigi no Mikata)

a drawing of a girl from jdrama

a girl

One day.. my friend lend me a jdrama series called “Seigi no Mikata  ( 正義の味方 ) ” means Ally of Justice. The story is about

 15-year-old Yoko, a young girl who is constantly tormented by her self-centered and devilish older sister Makiko, who works for a government office after having graduated from a famous university. But despite her ill nature, Makiko’s actions tend to somehow make things better for those around her, causing others to praise her as an “ally of justice.” (

It is a comedy drama… and for some reason.. i really like it.. especially with Yoko (Shida Mirai) .. she’s so cute… kawaiii… i loves her face when she was being ordered by his older sister.. ^^.. sometimes she make a funny face…..  so… i try to draw her.. based on a reference of a picture i found at google..  and this is the result… well .. personally i feel that my drawing is different from the real one.. he3.. dont know why.. maybe because im still new  in this..   think i may need little more exercises ..


~ oleh orangitemz pada 23 Mei 2011.

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