Gado gado ,Indonesian Salads

gado gado

gado gado

Gado gado ,  as Ga (like u said lady Gaga,, ^^ ) Do ( Do in Do re mi.. ) is a typical Indonesian food which is look likes Salads… in it was boiled vegetables… eggs, n some spices.. sambal we called it which is made from peanuts… n on top it, we put krupuk.. a crunchy biscuit like…. ( i really hard to describe it.. as English is not my lmother language.. he3..)

it tasted really nice.. and i love it much..

It vary in different town in my country.. some have a it..some have emping.. some got tomato sauces.. some other my town.. the have noodles in it..he3 😀

well.. ehmm…… (blank..blank.. dont know what  i have to write.. ^^ ) see you..



~ oleh orangitemz pada 23 Nov 2010.

2 Tanggapan to “Gado gado ,Indonesian Salads”

  1. minta gambarnya ya kk…

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